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Doing the right thing is more important than doing the thing right.

(Peter Drucker)
Glad to meet you

Welcome in our Italian - Hungarian business organization.
We are in Hungary since year 2010, when our Italian founder established an IT research and development center.

As things and opportunities change, we are now delivering consultancy for organizations, bringing all the competencies acquired in 20 years of professional consultancy in the field of information technology, project management, business and process design.

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What we do

We help organizations to face the challenges of the market, working side by side in the re-definition of abilities, capabilities and business strategy.

We can support companies in the areas of business strategy, business processes, evaluation of economics, project management and information technology.


The best strategy and the best organizational model have to meet the internal abilitites and capabilities. Nothing can be copied and pasted into an organization expecting that it works.

We can help you reviewing your organization, people, procedures, processes, culture,
technology that comprise the organization.
IT + economics

Our mix of competencies can drive targeted consulting and performance improvement projects.

We have talent and expertise in the development of tailor made software solution, to boost process automation and to deliver the best internal performance, at every level.
Consulting   |   Software development
Privacy assessment & GDPR

Have you heard about the GDPR?

GDPR, Global Data Protection Regulation, is the European regulation about the privacy and management of personal data.
Its principle and duties are mandatories for all the organizations that manage personal data of European citizens.

We have expertise in the field and we provide consulting services in Italy and Hungary.

Take a look at GDPR book

Continuous improvement

Our mix of competencies drives targeted consulting and projects.

Besides the competence in the information technology field, we have formal training and certifications in Business administration, Project Management (Prince 2 foundation and practitioner), Program management (foundation and practitioner) and Lean Six Sigma.

Our team had the opportunity to be in Japan to learn and touch with hand Lean and Toyota production system.

Passionated for KPi
We have passion for metrics and key performance indicators.

To help organizations to take under control their activities and related performances, we have developed Kiboard™, a tactical dashboard for Apple iPad.

Friends in our journey

We are not alone in our journey in the consulting field.
During the time we established relationship with firms and organizations, to support customers in different needs, specific competencies, training events and sharing of good practices.